About this blog

This is  a personal blog maintained by me for friends and family.

You can expect Books, Movies, Music, Travel, Art, Lifestyle and relationships recommendations and my own personal perception here.

This blog will range in science of spirituality to hippest clubbing recommendations, from Luxury resorts to Budget guest houses, from Beethoven to Paul van Dyke, from Porcupine Tree to Gotye, from Danielle Steel to Paulo Coelho and Tolstoy to Aristotle.

Nothing is off-limit here – They are just from a fresher perspective.

Over the years I have traveled extensively only to learn that nothing actually matter in life if you know what you personally mean by happiness and success. Learning is as good as unlearning.

In the world where everyone is running after money, fame and success – they all have forgotten what success and happiness actually means to them and eventually when they reach their goals they only meet sorrow.

I learn to avoid being that one person.

I have come across those rare individuals who have taught me that Working hard and Procrastination both are equally important, working hard and smart are equally essential and life should be grandeur and simple at the same time. The PARADOX of happy life.

The sole aim of this blog is to help me understand life better and share my learning with the world. I wish to learn a lot from you too.

You want to know who I am and where I come from? Read here

I would love to hear from you, drop in a comment if you can.

11 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. This is a technical question, but I realized I am using the same blog theme as you, but I can’t figure out how to get those “pages” at the very top right of my page like yours is. How do I do that? I would be every so grateful for your response. Thanks!

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